My Favourite Parasite

Mind-controlling viruses, vampire fish and crab-castrating barnacles. Sound like science fiction? Welcome to the real and terrifying world of parasites. In this episode, Kaya Moore joins us to chat about some of the world’s most incredible parasites - and what they can do to their animal hosts. Will it give you nightmares? Possibly. Is it worth listening anyway? Definitely.


Stinky, Spiny, Scaly - Interview

How did the skunk get its smell, and why are so many stinky and spiny mammals black and white? In this episode, we chat with Dr Ted Stankowich about how animal defences evolve, the price animals pay for having them, and how he studies skunks without getting sprayed.

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The Lost Duck


Animalia goes into the "wild" to search for the rarest bird in Australia: the Tufted Duck. Along the way we discuss birding culture, what a "twitcher" is, and spot many, many birds... but do we find the Tufted Duck?

Episode features news segments from The Project.

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Conservation Special: Road Salts - Interview


Every winter, in the United States alone, more than 15 million tons of salt are spread over roads to remove ice. So what are the effects of all this extra salt on wildlife? In this episode, Dr Gareth Hopkins describes how increased salinity affects freshwater newts, and debunks a common myth about ‘environmentally-friendly’ de-icers.

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